she is Nu , the personification of the primordial waters; they call her by many names .she is ageless, and her form will not be held to one shape. she carries in her bosom the promise of a renewed hope. she is at the base of everything. set apart . she demands respect. cleansing and still gentle, yet powerful enough to write her name across stone. in her fury she is relentless there is no escaping her wrath till her lust is filled: oh to be witness to her fullness and to catch a glimpse of her artistry as she falls from cold winter clouds or to feel the warmth of her touch in a warm summer rain. better yet to taste her in all her glory as she purifies and replenishes my soul. charged with being a giver of life , there is nothing without her. she is the Shekhinah Glory, the Ruach Hakodesh , the living water.

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