Every year on December 31rst the majority of us make a whole lot of us make a lot of promises to do better next year. ” I gonna loose weight” , or ” I’m gonna quit drinking”, or “I gonna go back to school” If you’re totally honest with yourself ; you have to admit , that ; (while there is always the acception ) Most of us will have forgotten our ‘resolutions ‘ well before summe . So this year I decided Not To Make any more resolutions. My soulution to what seems like an endless cycle of disappointment ; Is to stop putting all that pressure on December 31rst. Whoever said that you have to wait for the “New Year” to make a positive personal change? Every day that you greet the sun and say goodnight to the moon is a whole 24 hours that is yours to do with what you want. If weight is an issue do what you can each day and forgive yourself if you fall short. I’m not gonna get religious , However a working relationship with God and a little prayer and meditation go a long way

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