this is considered news.

I’m not going to speak about R-kelly but for the purpose of my post i’ll give a quick recap for those who don’t know what took place. a couple years ago R KELLY was accused of running an alleged ” sex cult” the parents of several young woman were concerned that Mr. Kelly was holding the women against their will and was sexually abusing them. well because the women were of legal consent nothing could be done to force MrKelly or the women to speak to their parents.

Fast-forward to present day Lifetime moving made a 6 part docu-series on the lifetime network titled “SURVIVING R KELLY”. it shocking and scandalous to say the lest. however this isnt the first time Mr. Kelly has been in the middle of this type of not so flattering attention .we all should remember the sex tape when he was seen to be having relations with an under age girl , and nobody will forget about Aaliyah and that mess. my point is this is what was considered to be important newsworthy story.

I said all that to say, disappointed to find that what we consider newsworthy is far from it.

In the wake a full on government shut-down, where people are truly suffering, why is there not as muchif not more coverage about the thing that truly matter? im not saying that the shut-down has not been covered i’m only pointing out that the local news will loop a sensationalized story like this one all day across several outlets while stories of importance are covered quickly and quietly .

A good example of what i’m talking about is due to the Government shut-down people who receive food-stamps will not be getting their benefits in February. in addition the FDA has issued a warning saying that due to this shut-down our food is not being inspected because workers aren’t showing up to work so we’ve been cautioned to inspect our food and maybe stay away from items like prepackaged salads and try to stick to our local farm grown produce. I know you might be wondering what is my point?

the question I’m raising is why are these types of stories given as much reporting time as these empty gossip rag celebrity scandals? Moreover, I don’t think i’v herd anyone question the fact that even if they build this wall to keep illegal immigrants out; that same wall can be used to keep us in. Especially with the implementation of the new REAL ID that all American citizens are required to have by October 2020 if you don’t have it, you can’t access Federal Facilities, enter nuclear power plants and here’s the big one you wont be able to board a commercial aircraft.

I don’t know about you , but i’d much rather here the stories that carry important , life impacting information. I’d feel safer as a citizen if i felt that my government and local News cared enough to feed me the meat and potatoes of what’s really going on, rather than try pacify and distract me with fluff and empty gossip stories.

i’m not sure when the breakdown of real information happened , or when the powers that be decided to allow the mighty propaganda machine to completely hijack the press. I can only hope that more people stand up and call for change, instead of “Surviving R Kelly” we all should be concerned with Surviving TRUPM . I’m Amcneil speaks and here’s my three cents.

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