A 3 minute skit.

The morning brings the sound of my phone ringing. It’s you.

You say “I’m just checking to see if you’re ok.” My voice cracks with my reply as I try to play it off and say that I’m fine .  

i knew he was married it was exciting                                                                       

                                                                             “ why did you let them do that!?”                                                                                 You knew the truth.   You said nothing.

YEAH! That’s what I wanted to say, but in reality I held the phone to my ear . You were speaking . I didn’t hear a word you said. You must have asked me one too many questions . I must’ve zoned you out .

The next thing I know your calling my name and saying ” babe can you hear me!”. Answer me ! Finally I spoke. “Hell No!” How could anyone be ok after that madness last night?! so ; No! I’m not ok. I know we were drinking . What do you remember about last night? be Do remember that you told me to go get your coat and wallet out the car? “Yes. I remember’. (Someone inside me snapped) ( auggggh)

THAT WAS THE WRONG ANSWER!!!! They accused me of trying to rob you!!! When I went to the bar with your card I was held up by security.. your brother called me a whole, and a thief!

They was just trying to look out for me babe. They was protecting me.

Protect you? from who? Me? By the time you showed up I was being humiliated. You said nothing. I was put In a Uber home. and your calling me this morning to see if I’m ok? Do you think I would steal from you?

No! Of course not.

Did you tell that to your family? (Tried to interrupt) (Aw babe) (I keep talking not giving a care that he’s trying to explain it all away)

You don’t get to make a private apology for a public disgrace . You knew you should’ve said something! You faild bruh. And now that it’s morning , I’mma need you to keep that same energy from last night.(but babe)


CLICK. after I hung up the phone… I realized I was tripping, he couldn’t stand-up for me in front of his “family’

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