When were kids, most of us were asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up”? Most of us had an answer. We would use our imagination and play out those rolls of Doctors, Lawyers, Movie Stars, The President, and some of us even dreamed of bring Princesses and Cowboys, No dream was to big and no one would dare attempt to squash it.

Little person with big dreams
 What happend? What changed?

Well as time went on , we were told we have to be practical. That we were about to enter the “Real World” and if we were going to succeed in life , It was imperative that we develop “Real World” goals and develop “Real World” skills. Well for most of us the development of those real-world skills , slowly killed the biggness of those little people dreams.


Well in the pursuit of pennies , we did what we had to do. We put away those childhood fantasies and went out into the world.

Most of us were not truly prepared for just how ruff that part of the journey could get. A lot of us ended up with unbelievable bumps and bruises. Some of us were horribly scarred .

I said all that to say. In 2019 you are your cultivator. I would suggest that you find the strength to dare to dream just as big today as you did then, and be prepared for the people around you to attempt to shoot it down. Welcome that opposition. Use it as the fuel needed to give you the momentum go for it . Whatever your “IT” maybe. don’t believe them when they say “you’re to old for that” or ‘your time for that has passed” and the one that bugs me the most” maybe in another life”

I say “No”! To all of those self defeating statements . The truth is as long as you have breath in your body, you are still growing. Every day you wake up you have the power to pursue your dreams the same way you did when you were a kid.

So, Take that chance. Learn to dance. Fall in Love with you. Go back to school. Plan that trip. Paint that picture.write that book. Submit those head shots. Whatever your “It” is reach out and grab it. Believe me it’s still in there .


Trust me, I know, all those things we put on the shelf , way back then . they’re still right there. When I was in a broken place , some how found myself in front of my shelf. I saw a jar of dreams I thought I had lost. I picked it up. I dusted it off. I cried. Then I opened it. I felt insecure and inadequate, but , I still opened it.

That decision to take that chance. Has proven the be the bestest and scariest , decision I’ve ever made, and I feel good.

I guess what I’m trying to say, Is welcome to the late bloomers club. I’ll see you at our next meeting 😊.

I’m Amcneil and heresmythreecents

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