Google defines loyalty as the practice of being loyal or strong feelings of allegiance.
    I guess that’s kinda accurate.
How to run more than sure that we all have our own personal definitions of loyalty.

  I believe that loyalty is a necessary quality to possess. 
Let’s face it without loyalty
most of us who have hardly no interaction with anyone know relationships no friendships none of that.
    but for some of us the quality of loyalty is not an asset it’s a deficit it’s a liability.
     we find ourselves put in situations where our sense of loyalty is held over us and used to keep us hostage .
  I believe that’s because we are putting our loyalties in the wrong place.
I think the person we have to be most loyal to his ourselves first.
  So today take a stand don’t let your loyalty put you in a prison don’t waste your loyalty on things that aren’t loyal to you.
     I’m AMcNeil.and. Heresmythreecents 

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